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Aerial Direct Film Transfers

The technology in our 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm movie transfer system uses the
same principles as the systems used to transfer Hollywood motion picture films. Custom engineering has allowed us to utilize a 500-line full NTSC resolution television camera and an aspherical corrected macro lens to capture the movie frames directly from the emulsion of the film. Combining with circuitry that eliminates flicker and corrects for frame-rate, the video signal is passes through a color-correction and contrast filter (original film is commonly faded in both brightness and color as a result of age).

The end result is video that often has a significantly higher quality then the original image. This video is captured directly by our digital encoders and authored onto DVD. No additional generation loss and no additional  encoding and compression means maximum quality in your image. No other transfer service has our process!

Slide and Film Scanners
Here at Denevi, we use only the finest film and slide scanning equipment. Our slide scanner is the most advanced CCD-based equipment yet developed for this purpose. At the heart of the scanner is a tri-linear color array
with 3 x 6002 pixels... it is NOT a flatbed scanner or even a pro-consumer type scanner, but very large and highly advanced commercial equipment.  As
far as we know, this equipment is used exclusively here at Denevi. This enables us to scan film and slides at such a high level of detail that it is well beyond what the human eye can see... to the point of actually being able to draw out distinctions in the emulsion of the film itself (over 22 megapixels for a 5x7 printed image, for example). Obviously, this far exceeds the needs of the average customer, but it gives an idea of the
kind of scanning power we have available.
Developed in house, Denevi uses a platform that contains software
developed in-house from the ground up, and also the best commercial grade video tools. All this is harnessed within an API that controls and integrates them all together. This allows for the best and highest quality digitizing and encoding solutions available on the market today, side-by-side with our own custom software for producing DVD jackets, interfacing with our servers, and automating most of the process. All together we call this system D-Tech, or Denevi Technology, and serves as the backbone of our means of production.
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